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You Can Make A Huge Shift

Right now you’re convinced problems with your teen would go away if only they would change. All your stress and anxiety would disappear if they weren’t so rude, so defiant, so inconsistent and just so IMPOSSIBLE to be around! A day without drama would be amazing. A week where they got to school on time and completed their homework without constant nagging would be a DREAM. A conversation that felt warm and loving instead of cold and hostile would be a breath of fresh air.

It’s Time For Change

Well, get ready to experience peace instead of anxiety; clarity instead of overwhelm; affection instead of resentment; patience instead of frustration. Escape the vicious cycle of scolding or threatening your slacker teen (that rarely works) and leaves you feeling guilty or hopeless.

You can gain freedom from the nagging worry about how they’re screw up their life if they don’t “shape” up.

Start feeling calm and confident instead of like you’re walking eggshells around your moody teen. Instead of simmering in resentment over their behavior I’ll teach you how to shift from blame into patience and compassion and you’ll discover your kids become far more responsive to you.

Stop beating yourself up because you think you should be able to “fix” them. As you focus on your thoughts and feelings you’ll find new power to step out of the dynamic that keeps you trapped in conflict.


What’s Possible For You:

  • Become a pro at managing your emotions so they don’t control you–or your teen
  • Learn how to decrease household drama and create more peace
  • Understand how your teen pushes your “buttons” so you can stop being triggered
  • Become an emotionally mature adult who handles their emotions and models this skill for their child
  • Start under-reacting instead of over-reacting and set boundaries with love and confidence
  • Stop “people-pleasing” and seeking your teen’s approval

12-Week Parent Coaching Program

I have designed a 12-wk coaching program that teaches how to become the parent your teen needs in order to restore connection and cooperation. During this 3 month program I’ll take you through a curriculum that will:

  • Help you get crystal clear on why you have so much difficulty with your teen
  • Teach you an exact process of how to change the results you’re getting with them
  • Uncover the conditioned beliefs and thought patterns that prevent you from having the relationship you want
  • Teach you how to process negative emotions like anger, frustration, guilt, fear and anxiety so they don’t spill onto your teen
  • Learn how to set boundaries with love and establish expectations that your teen can meet
  • Show you how to become the leader your teen needs; to inspire and motivate instead of alienating and nagging
  • Educate you on the brain science that underlies everything you do and everything your teen does

Learn More With A Free Consult

It’s a simple process. You just schedule a time that works for you and we’ll meet using Zoom. We’ll focus on the specific issue you’re having with your teen and I’ll provide some tools you can start using immediately.

You can experience the power of coaching and how it can change your life. Coaching is not therapy.

Instead of spending a lot of time focused on the past, family histories and “how to cope,” we’re going to focus on the steps you can take NOW to have a different experience with your teen. I’ll also lay out a plan on how to shift your relationship with your child. You’ll gain new insight and optimism about how to restore your relationship with your precious child.

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