The Lies Our Brain Tells Us

Jun 25, 2021

Our brain lies to us frequently. Especially when it comes to our kids and their futures.

It creates thoughts that appear reasonable, that FEEL true–but they are rooted in fear, and imaginary outcomes. When we dwell on these fearful thoughts enough, it becomes a form of brainwashing—by our OWN brain.

It affects our entire perception of our parenting and how are kids are “turning out.”

We start believing that if they don’t achieve certain milestones within the “correct” time frame, it’s terrible, and we’re failing them. We become filled with anxiety about how they’ve fallen behind and their entire happiness is in jeopardy.

These worries affect our behavior and how we relate to our kids.

What’s more, anxiety can create conflict: we believe “the story” so we try to control  their behavior more; then, they resist us further. And soon enough, everyone’s feeling angry and frustrated.

If you want more peace, acceptance and patience, you need to learn how to process anxiety and question the truth your thoughts present.

A life with less worry and anxiety will produce outcomes you can’t imagine now.


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